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Building Envelopes & Façade

Arya Optimum Inc. is well-known in facade engineering design. We have been involved in designing different aspects of design including but not limited to curtain wall of buildings in Ontario, Canada. In Arya Optimum we consider both energy efficiency plus beauty of the building, while trying to optimize the design to meet all the projects’ budget and criteria. We are professional in designing, window and glass walls, store-front, sky-light, high rise buildings curtain walls.

Our service is for architects, manufacturers, consultants, GCs, subcontractors, etc.

Our services are including:
• Providing specifics shop drawing and details.
• Reviewing shop drawings provided by contractors and sub-contractors.
• Reviewing and sealing shop drawings.

We offer engineering services to property owners and general contractors by helping them designing the necessary plans to get a building permit approval from the municipalities. Our focus is to optimize the structural design by reducing the cost of labours/materials in the projects. We offer the following services:

• Custom Home Architectural & Structural Design
Our engineers are professionals who assist you in all steps in order to achieve the most valuable design for all of your projects. We also help you to obtain all of your required permits from the related organizations. We offer you either a whole package design for your project or help you with some parts of your project packages, including architectural, structural and mechanical, and electrical drawings.

• Side Entrance and Walk Out Basement
We are offering services regarding all the drawings for the separate entrance and walk-out basement. Helping with all the required permits by providing all the drawings for submission to designated organization in order to get permit approval. We offer free estimation via visiting your basement.

Residential & Commercial