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About Us

Arya Optimum Inc. is an engineering company that provides engineering services in a diverse range of expertise in design and consultation for specific classes of building structures. Our aim is to help clients, property owners, and contractors have the ultimate optimum design for their projects. Reaching our goals has been possible only by having highly-skilled engineers who use up-to-date engineering software in order to design. We create an atmosphere for our clients to take easy steps to receive their desired optimum design, which leads them to get all the required permits from the related organizations.

Let us introduce ourselves

About the Expertise

Arya Optimum is well-known in facade engineering design. We have been involved in designing different projects, including but not limited to the railing, curtain wall, and window wall in both Unitized and stick systems. In Arya Optimum, we consider both thermal efficiency and the beauty of the building while optimizing the design to meet all the projects’ budgets and criteria. Our team is highly experienced engineers who design and optimize facades for low rise and high rise buildings.