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Building Envelope & Façade

Design of Curtainwall & Window Wall, for Blast and Wind

Residential & Commercial

Structural Engineering Services for Residential, Commercial or Industrial Buildings


Building inspection and site report by Professional Engineers

Custom Home Architectural & Structural Design

Our team of dedicated professionals will assist you to step by step to come up with the most cost-effective design for your dream house. By direct interaction with the city officials, we help you obtain your building permit from the city as fast as possible. If you already have architectural drawings or ideas ready, we make that architectural idea into a real structure that would need the minimum amount of material and labor. Arya Optimum can offer you a whole package design for your dream house, which includes architectural, structural, and HVAC drawings.


Engineers of Arya Optimum take pride to have to specializing in FAÇADE design and engineering. Arya Optimum has been proudly involved in designing curtain walls of high-rise buildings throughout Canada. When it comes to FAÇADE, we take the beauty and energy efficiency of the building into consideration, at the same time trying to optimize the design to meet your project budget. Whether it be a storefront, window wall, skylight, glass wall, and most commonly used in today’s high rise buildings curtain wall, Arya Optimum is specialized to offer the suitable design to its clients.

Side Entrance and Walk Out for the Basement

If you are willing to provide separate and private entrance to your basement unit we can make this possible for you. We provide you with all the drawings you need to submit to the city to obtain your permit for this type of project. Clients asking for this service are usually homeowners who wish to rent out their basement suit but the unit lacks a separate private entrance. Contact us to arrange a visit by our engineer who can offer you possible ways of designing a separate entrance to your basement.

Industrial Design

Arya Optimum has helped a number of industries, warehouse, and factory owners to come up with an industrial environment suitable to their particular industry. We take every aspect of creating an ideal industrial environment into consideration in our design. This includes the safety of employees, control of temperature, the efficiency of the production line, storage, and transportation of the products.

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Arya Optimum is a building structural engineering service with a wide range of expertise in the evaluation, design, and consultation of any class of structure. The passion of the professionals at Arya Optimum is to help investors, property owners, and contractors have the most comprehensive design for their construction projects. As the name of the company implies, this service provides its clients with an optimized design that minimizes the volume of material and labour work in order to reach the most economical status possible. This has been possible only by having highly experienced engineers who employ up-to-date structural engineering software in their design.

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Cutrain Wall, Window Wall for both Unitized and Stickwall (Structural and Thermal)
Custom Home Architectural Design
Building Alterations & renovations
Basement Finish & Separate Entrance
Shoring Design

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